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Food Photographs Shared by Tapas Bhai

Food is the main priority according to our Indian culture. People may forget everything in any celebration, but they would remember the foods prepared for a long period of time. Yes, our foods are unique. We love our foods and the visitors come to Odisha, also loves these foods.

One of our friend, Tapas Ranjan had shared some food pho tographs. He had prepared all these food items and captured before serving.

Baigana poda
Badi/Aloo tampered with panch phutan and green chilly. It tasts good with Pakhala.
Aloo tastes best when it prepared like this. Masala Aloo is a all time hit on my plate :)
Kalara Chips.
Palak paneer with added deshi ghee... Recipe by (prepared without making the puree of Palak).
Badi/Aloo/tomato beshara... tampered with panch phutan
Saaga/Boitalu or kakharu prepared with sliced onion & green chilli.
Sajana/Aloo beshara... prepared with traditional mustard paste.its better enjoyed with warm boiled rice.
Alu chips.
Egg masala... though scientists are saying eggs are vegetables these days, I prefer staying away :)

Lauki ki sabji (bottle guard, moong dal prepared with grated coconut and garnish wth fresh coriander leaf. Recipe by

Paneer Matar prepared with tomato puree.

Aloo bhujia (mashed potatoes with home made masala).

A simple any day thali (rice with deshi ghee,dal,tomato chatney,dahi,aloo bharta with mixed KHADA beshara.

Mixed Khada beshara

* All these photographs are captured by Tapas Ranjan. He also prepared all these foods. All these photographs are shared with his permission.

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