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Boita Bandana at Durgapur, Kolkata

Boita Bandana says the glory of the maritime history of Odisha or Kalinga. Every Odia celebrates Boita Bandana to remember those days. The Odia community from Durgapur, Kolkata also celebrate the Boita Bandana Program at Kumar Mangalam Park, Durgapur. 

According to Dr Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo, around 100 people came to the park within time 5.30 in the morning with their beautiful Boitas (tiny boats) and worship those. This celebration by the community in outside Odisha must attract others to know about the history of Odisha. 

Rashmi Sir had sent these photographs from today's celebration.

* All these photographs are taken by Dr Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo at Kumar Mangalam Park, Durgapur, Kolkata.

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