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Bada Osha (ବଡ଼ ଓଷା)

Bada Osha (ବଡ଼ ଓଷା) is one of the important festivals in Odisha. Bada means big, and Osha means Brata. People usually do fasting in the Oshas. The rituals of this Osha started from the beginning of Kartika Sukla Pratipada. i.e. the next day of Diwali Amabasya. Both men and women do fasts in this festival together. In other festivals, only one person used to fast, but it's the joint fasting. This Osha is observed in the month end of October or in November during Kartika Masa. According to Odia calendar, this festival is observed on the Kartika Sukla Chaturdasi (the fourteenth day of bright fortnight of Kartika Masa).

Bada Osha is the main festival at Dhabaleswar Pitha. The day-long fast culminates in prayers and offerings to Lord Shiva. Those who are fortunate visit the Dhabaleshwar temple with its serene and spiritual ambience and the others observe it in their homes. This prasad offered on this day is called as Gaaja Pitha (ଗାଜ ପିଠା). This pitha is pure white in colour. 

One of our friend Seenu Mohapatra had shared these photographs. That Gaja Pitha photo was taken by Sujata Singh mam.

* All the writings are collected from different sources.
* Photographs are taken by Seenu Mohapatra and Sujata Singh.

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