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Mahakali Besha of Maa Bhadrakali

The second-day besha of Maa Bhadrakali is Mahakali. On this day Maa Bhadrakali Appears in red Patta attire with black face. With open hair and bloody tongue, Maa holds a Khdga and a Trisula in her hand and looks quite wild by wearing a long garland of skulls. It is believed that Maa Bhadrakali is Baishnavi and grace the earth by holding Bala Gopal in her lap on this day.

Thus, in one hand she appears to be a lovable and gracious mother to the whole living and on the other, she destroys all evils and bad habits and establishes truth and harmony.


* The photos are shared by Biswadarsan Dixit and this article is written by Tapas Ranjan.

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