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Bedamata Besha Of Maa Bhadrakali

During seven days of Kali Puja, Maa Bhadra Kali appears in different attires in different days for her devotees and BEDAMAATA is the first among those. As per the name (Bedamata means the mother of all Vedas), Maa is being worshipped as the source of all knowledge and its believed that Maa blessed his devotees with a whole lot of knowledge. In this day maa appears in all yellow. Her face appearing as yellow with yellow clothes and yellow ornaments I.e. gold. Maa comes to the earth mounting her swan and used to sit on a lotus flower.she appears in four arms with Mali(kind of garland) in right hand and Sankha (conch shell) in left. It is also believed that, in Deepawali, like the light illuminates the darkness, Maa illuminates all ignorance and fills with the light of wisdom.

* This article is written by Tapas Ranjan and the photos are shared by Biswadarsan Dixit.

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