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Amarabati Pitha, Jajpur

Chhatia is popularly known as Chhatia Bata as the sacred place of pilgrimage. The shrine of Lord Jagannath at Chhatia is a modern piece of Odisha Temple Architecture. It is the saint Mahapurusa Hadi Das Samadhi Pitha. The trinity of Jagannath, Balabhadra Subhadra in militant form seated on horseback. The three deities brandish their sword in their hand.

Nearby one can find the archaeological remains of Amaravati-Katak one of the five important forts of Chodogangadeva. It is a ruined fort with laterite stone is still available which have been renovated and conserved by State Archaeology.

Ganeswar Nayak sir had captured some photographs at this place and we are thankful to him for his recommendation to use these posts in this blog.

(All the photographic rights are reserved to Ganeswar Nayak Sir. If you wish to use those photos, then please contact him through twitter.)

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