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On The Way Towards Our Destiny

In our life, we always dreaming and some of our dreams become true and some couldn't. The journey of life is a one way traffic. We are just going on a single path, where a small single mistake couldn't be rectified. We should travel through this path of life very carefully. One day I just snapped a road while going to a temple. At that time, I didn't think about this. But when I saw this picture this thought came to my mind.

Our life is full of struggling. As someone said, this way is the one way path and our life is a paper where we are writing with pen. We are not using pencils through which we couldn't write anything. We couldn't erase something which wrote or did mistakenly. Everyone has some dream and all are working hard to fulfill their dreams. To achieving something is not an easy task. To reach at our destination we have to cross the path full of problems. Nothing is easy in our life. On this way to our destiny, we face lots of problem. And through that way we met more and more people. Some people among them inspired us to achieve that and more of them always trying to pull our leg. On that way, if we fell down by walking, they making it that we fall down from a bullet train. Those types of people are born to discourage everyone.

Also some inspired to do somethings, but when we couldn't get everything easily, they changed their opinion and also criticizing us that, if you couldn't did that, they how could you start that... Everyone fingered us out that all the mistakes are for us, but no-one understand the actual problem behind that failure. Even the people who shows that they were our own, they also took a move at that situation.

To be a successful person, we have to work hard and have to show other what you are. Till to be a successful person no-one asks about you, and when you become a successful man everyone reacts like only they made you the successful.

This road has the same story, when the road was not fine like this, very few people used to go through this. And when the road was made and became fine and smooth, everyone loves to go through this road.  I think this is the philosophy of life to be a good thing or good person. But this is the real test to know who are really with you and who are with you for your success.

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