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1st experience through fog

Among all the creations of this world, the all mighty Brahmadeba created earth for the people, heaven for the  god. He created most luxurious things for the heaven as per our ancient books, but he the beauty of this earth is the best among his all creations.

Maximum time we people goes through different problem in our day to day life. At that bad situations of human beings one thing never left them. i.e. the beauty of the nature. Nature gives us different types of pleasures, medicines, everything. When every you feel sad, these things always tries to make you happy. But unfortunately we can't able to feel for their gift. But some people feel those pleasures. Every moment the nature doing different things for every single people.

I love the beautiful nature and their elements. Sometimes when I feel uncomfortable, I just go for a round through these beauties. Trust me you can feel the true beauty of nature when you are unhappy. And sometimes I just going for some snap of these unseen beauties.

During my 7th semester break holidays I woke up in the morning and see the atmosphere was full of fog. So I just went for a round through the foggy atmosphere. That was my first experience of walking through the fog. At that time I clicked a photo in front of my primary school, where I read till 7th class. That day was 19th January 2016 and that photo appears like the actual road to heaven.


The red-mud roads from the main road to the school gate appears like the road filled with flowers and the trees stand both sides appears like the welcoming elements for the heaven.

So the nature giving us different types of pleasures, we just have to feel it and try to view those unseen spots

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