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Temporary Shops at Bonth Laxmi Puja

This season is the season of festivals. Mainly the festival season starts from Ganesh Puja. Durgapuja, Laxmi Puja, Kali Puja are the biggest festival in Odisha. In these festival, there are a number of Puja Pandals and attractive idols of all Goddess. More number of people comes to these occasions. So, this is the best time for the small vendors who sell some goods and some open food stalls in these festivals.

This time, I've captured some photographs near a Laxmipuja Pandal from Bhadrak district. Even people came with some wind wheels (ଚକ୍ରି), flute, whistles and they carry from place to place and sell those to the visitors. Some made temporary stalls for the toys and different types of cosmetic items and some establish some food stalls.

Since this Puja is not a bigger one like Cuttuck Durgapuja or Bhadrak Kali Puja. So, there are not much shops. But different types of shops are available near to this Puja Pandal.

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